Recent Poll Is Great News For Trump’s Immigration Plan

Trump wants to build a wall, limit H-1B work visas, and slow down immigration until we can ascertain who it is America invites into the country.

A recent Gallup poll shows the number of Americans who oppose increasing immigration levels rose to 79% while the percentage of people who want to see increased immigration levels dropped to 21%.

The poll is also tied with 38% of Americans wanting to decrease immigration and 38% wanting to keep it at the present level. The remaining 24% are undecided.

The poll even shows that 26% of immigrants want to see the level of immigration decreased, and only 24% want to see it increased.

First-generation Americans who want to see immigration levels decrease jumps to 35% compared to the 21% of those who want to see an increase.

Second-generation Americans is even higher with 40% wanting to decrease immigration while only 21% want to see an increase.

The poll essentially shows that, “while most Americans believe immigration is good for the country, a relatively small percentage would like to see the nation’s level of immigration increased, while the rest want it either to remain the same or to decrease.”

The full Gallup poll can be seen here.


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