Recount Results Continue to Disappoint

Per federal law, the final recount deadline for the 2016 presidential election is December 13th, but many of the most populated districts participating in the recount aren’t anywhere nearing completion.

As of right now, Trump is holding his lead in Wisconsin by 22,000 votes. Though inconsistencies have been found, nothing has altered his present standing. The recount has actually increased Trump’s original tally by 26 additional votes, after net changes in each candidate’s votes were reconciled.

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein’s push to expose voter fraud in three states that President-elect Trump won isn’t having the impact likely sought.

Stein’s effort to uncover the kind of corruption likely to affect the outcome of this historic election is becoming more of an improbability with each passing hour. Nonetheless, with so much Democrat enthusiasm in the form of millions of dollars thrown at the effort, recounts will continue in Michigan and, possibly, Pennsylvania. Stein is currently suing the Keystone State where a judge blocked a recount due to lack of evidence and improperly filed petitions.

H/T: The Blaze


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