Refugees to Germany: “We’re Suing YOU”

It’s almost unbelievable that those, uninvited, coming into a country have the audacity to file a lawsuit against the host country for what they claim to be “inadequate services.” Around 7,000 refugees apparently have “lost their patience” with German officials and authorities for their slow handling of asylum applications.

Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees was hit with a “failure-to-act” lawsuits back in June, claiming the vetting process needs to be more fast-tracked so that refugees were not waiting around. Some left leaning politicians have chimed in unison with the refugees, placing blame on the government’s organizational structure.

“It cannot be that the BAMF is unable to process applications for asylum properly,” said Sevim Dagdelen, Germany’s integration commissioner and an MP from leftist Die Linke party, to media outlets. “The doubling of the failure-to-act [lawsuits] speaks for an organized government failure.”

300,000 refugees and maybe more will be arriving in Germany this year, according to Frank-Jurgen Weise, head of the country’s migration office. In 2015, Germany welcomed over a million refugees. While these year’s numbers are considerably lower than last year’s figures, the filed lawsuits may result in an alteration in the vetting process, making it more lax for refugees to gain access into Germany.


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