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The following study was published by WalletHub, and is reprinted with permission:

With Americans taking nearly 10 billion trips on public transportation every year, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2019’s Cities with the Best & Worst Public Transportation as well as accompanying videos.

To determine the most driver-friendly places in the U.S., WalletHub compared 100 cities across 17 key metrics. The data set ranges from share of commuters who use public transit and average age of the fleet to number of injuries and peak hours spent in congestion.

Best Cities for Public Transportation Worst Cities for Public Transportation
1 Seattle, WA 91 St. Louis, MO
2 Boston, MA 92 Baton Rouge, LA
3 San Francisco, CA 93 Arlington, TX
4 Washington, DC 94 Oklahoma City, OK
5 Madison, WI 95 Tulsa, OK
6 Jersey City, NJ 96 New Orleans, LA
7 New York, NY 97 Charlotte, NC
8 Reno, NV 98 Tampa, FL
9 Honolulu, HI 99 St. Petersburg, FL
10 Portland, OR 100 Indianapolis, IN

Best vs. Worst

  • Lincoln, Nebraska, has the shortest average commute time by public transportation, 30.2 minutes, which is 2.4 times shorter than in Henderson, Nevada, the city with the longest at 71.7 minutes.
  • Wichita, Kansas, has the fewest annual hours spent in congestion per auto commuter, 22 hours, which is 7.5 times fewer than in Boston, the city with the most at 164 hours.
  • Chandler, Arizona, has the lowest annual ticket price for public transport (as % of median annual household income), 0.54 percent, which is 7.6 times lower than in Cleveland, the city with the highest at 4.09 percent.
  • Reno, Nevada has the lowest average age of the public transit fleet, 3.72 years, which is 4.6 times lower than in New Orleans, the city with the highest at 17.05 years.
  • Boise, Idaho, has the lowest average lifetime miles per active vehicles, 123,102 miles, which is 5.2 times lower than in New York, the city with the highest at 636,057 miles.

CLICK HERE to view the full report and your city’s rank.

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