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MOABI REGIONAL PARK, Calif. (AP) — Four people are missing after two boats crashed and sunk on the Colorado River, ejecting more than a dozen people who were on board, authorities said Sunday.

A recreational boat carrying 10 people and another vessel with six people on board collided head-on Saturday night on a well-traveled stretch of the river that marks the border between California and Arizona, the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

The article goes on to state the following:

Both boats sank and passing boaters pulled crash victims from the water. One person was found in critical condition and flown to a hospital in Las Vegas, while nine others were taken to local hospitals by ambulance, authorities said.

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  1. This is a new trend. Boat “collisions” and other boat related “accidents” are on the rise. Just as school buses crashes and fires; forest fires; business fires/explosions; apartment fires; train derailments/crashes; military accidents; military deaths; school shootings; attacks against women; other venue shootings. This laundry of attacks is getting larger and more numerous by the day. People who dont think we have a clear and present danger from the Muslims in this country are very sadly mistaken. Although I am in full support of Pres Trumps agenda including the border wall, the danger from within is far more precarious. There are over 4 million sharia believing Muslims living within our country. I called my Senator, Thom Tillis a few weeks ago regarding a Muslim attack issue. The person I was speaking with got quite defensive. Then he identified himself as a Muslim! I clarified my statement by saying “Sharia believing” Muslims. That made him madder. So I asked to speak to another staffer. That staffer shut me down immediately saying that he “supported his colleague”. I couldnt believe what I was hearing. Then I knew. This was a dangerous man working inside the Senators office. Sadly, this is a speck of dirt on the beach of disaster. There were 20 terrorist who killed 3000 people on 9/11. Using that math, think how many Americans, could be killed or injured in a coordinated attack. The attacks we are seeing as in the list given above, are a “test”. They are testing us. Testing the strength of their attack; the execution of the attack; how quiet (stealth) they can be without being noticed; what means can be used to disguise an attack by making it “look” like an accident; different venues (large and small) from which to launch an attack; how effective will the attack be – amount of destruction and loss of life. This is happening. So many disbelieved any attack on our homeland – we were attacked at Pearl Harbor. As cruel as it appears, it was the safest course of action to put all Japanese Americans in Internment Camps. There were problems and some things were just not “thought out” by govt officials. But it saved lives. Even the lives of the Japanese. Many were being used without knowing they were working with or speaking to the enemy. But on 9/11, results were far more disastrous because the powers at be refused to see the intense hatred of the Muslims for the United States and their ease in which to execute the attack. Now people refuse to believe that more than a very small portion are dangerous. They are fools. If we used the “numbers from 9/11”: 2 mil Muslims x 20 Americans (or 20:1), (on 9/11 the ration was 150:1), we could see upwards of 40 million people dead or injured in a 9/11 style attack. That equates to almost 10% of the total population in the United States. The situations we are enduring today could mean ultimate disaster and horror if a coordinated attack could be carried out. Some would call this an alarmist view. Alarmism is what we need or we may not live to see tomorrow. For those unlucky enough to live, would have to face the horrors of what Muslims perpetuate on those they hate. Our government who has promised to protect us has left us completely vulnerable.

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