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An exclusive report published Monday by the Daily Mail states that Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin literally backed up her emails to husband Anthony Weiner’s laptop in 2013,  after Clinton left the State Department.

Abedin had earlier said under oath, and also told FBI agents, that she did not preserve the data. The report states that the messages were archived from “BBB Backup” and “LoaderBackup” from a BlackBerry Bold9700.

Clinton left the State Department on January 20, 2013, but the messages were reportedly backed up to the laptop between February 3, 2013 and February 7, 2013. Abedin had said she had no way of preserving the messages and that the emails were “left on the system.”

At least five of the messages were marked “Classified” and included discussions on Middle Eastern and Israeli issues between 2010-2012.

The FBI seized Weiner’s laptop just before the 2016 presidential election, and discovered the emails while they were investigating him for sexting a 15-year-old girl.

From the Daily Mail:

An examination by of emails released by the State Department shows that backup copies of many of Abedin’s work-related messages with Clinton were created in the dates after Clinton left the State Department in early 2013.

The emails, released at the end of December, show that they had been put on Weiner’s laptop by a BlackBerry archiving program.

A tech expert told that Abedin would have to have activated the backup program and may well have plugged her device into the laptop – raising further questions over her testimony to the FBI.

Abedin was Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at the State Department and remains her closest aide.  

Like Clinton, she was cleared by then FBI director James Comey in the wake of the investigation into the former Secretary of State and her staff’s handling of classified material.

Last Thursday it was revealed that the Department of Justice is looking again at the Clinton email investigation, after President Donald Trump’s provocative tweet calling for ‘jail’ for Abedin. It is also being examined by the FBI’s Inspector General.

Some of the emails found on Weiner’s laptop were forwarded to him directly from Abedin, their details show. But many of them ended up on the computer through the backups of Abedin’s BlackBerry on February 3, 2013 and February 7, 2013.

Ariel Coro, a technology consultant and analyst for Univision, reviewed the emails and told that Abedin or someone working for her would have had to intentionally set up the backup program for her BlackBerry.

‘What you’re seeing here is a backup restore of what was sent from her phone,’ said Coro. 

‘They set up a backup to be done when she plugged it in to her computer, to the laptop, or potentially over the air [remotely]. 

‘This is not an accident, this was configured to back up, either directly [to the laptop] or through the air,’ he added. ‘This was something that was configured, or at least opted-in.’

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