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Some skeptics of #MeToo activism are hoping Brett Kavanaugh’s angry, tearful denial of sexual assault allegations might help fuel a backlash against the year-old movement. But advocates for victimized women say it’s now too powerful to be derailed.

The mixed reactions followed Thursday’s vehement assertion by Kavanaugh and his Republican allies that he was the victim of a “political hit job” by Democrats. They suggested that Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, was being exploited for partisan purposes.

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In a Philadelphia Inquirer column on Friday titled “Kavanaugh creates #MeToo moment for accused men,” conservative writer Christine Flowers expressed empathy for the embattled federal judge, who is President Donald Trump’s nominee to fill a Supreme Court vacancy.

“Through those real tears, the rage came through like a laser and a sword,” Flowers wrote. “And for a moment, I felt as if, finally, one man had found the courage to say my life matters.”

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  1. Yes, there should and will be a backlash, when you align yourself with the democrat party on another witch hunt, without any PROOF, only accusations, then you should suffer backlash. The fact is, the democrat party does not give a damn what happens to ford, they don’t care if she was gang raped by a pack of monkeys and they could care less about her well being, there only interest is using her as a pawn to finish destroying any credibility that our system has left and the final destruction of the country for one simple reason, they ran an old nag in a horse race and lost.

  2. Too many high profile cases have innocent men victimized by lies.
    Brian Banks.
    Duke Lacrosse team.
    How many are NOT in the public eye?
    “Me too” victims are always believed as proof protocol. Men always guilty. Liberals are NOT listening to those who have known HIM their entire life. A very long list of positive character acolades. Nope. Nothing will change THEIR minds. THEY said he was guilty long BEFORE the testimonies. Don’t be surprised if another will pop up with a worse tale to tell. AND ask for MORE time for FBI. Already Pelosi is planning impeaching HIM BEFORE being confirmed. Political power search and destroy plan in working order.

  3. They are such a bunch of hypocrites. If you are a white conservative man your whole life, career and family can be totally destroyed from an unverified, accusation from almost 40 years ago. No evidence no proof , she said it, it has to be true. However if you are a Democrat for now you’re safe. Look at Keith Ellison. In his case there is a recent accusation with verifiable evidence, but they totally ignore it. Our country is in grave danger if these liberals regain power.

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