REPORT: Alarming Truth About N. Korea Nuke Program


On Sunday, the North Korean government formally declared its capabilities of test-launching an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), at any given moment and from any location.

The government asserted the order may be commanded by their “beloved” leader, Kim Jong Un.

Following the announcement, Reuters conducted a timeline investigation into the North’s nuclear weapons program to verify their claims.  We ask you read the amazing report done by Reuters by clicking here


Included in the graphic outline is a concluding map showcasing the potential range of each missile North Korea currently possesses. Missiles highlighted in yellow represent nuclear weapons that are “operational.” Purple-colored missiles represent those that have been “flight tested.” Missiles in a blue hue are ones that are “in development or untested.” When observing the blue-colored missiles, it is evident that the range is auspiciously close to Hawaii and Alaska.



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