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With Trump aid Rob Porter under fire for his alleged physical abuse of women, his lack of full security clearance is raising questions about who in the administration holds a similar status.

The Trump administration is not denying a CNN report stating more than 30 White House officials and administration political appointees are still operating without full security clearances, including the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner and — until recently — White House staffer Rob Porter.

Asked on Thursday why so many White House officials were still operating on interim clearances, White House spokesman Raj Shah said he wasn’t able to discuss specifics of the clearance process.

The White House has commented in the past about the clearance process, stating the backlog is due to FBI processes.  However, several Trump officials — including Kushner — have also made various paperwork errors while filling out forms required as part of the check.

In October, Charles Phalen, the director of the National Background Investigations Bureau, told lawmakers he has “never seen that level of mistakes” when asked about numerous omissions in Kushner’s security clearance application.
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