REPORT: Biden admin targets another household appliance in war on popular products

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The Biden administration announced its latest home appliance regulations this week, targeting air conditioners in an action it said would reduce the nation’s carbon emissions.

The regulations, unveiled Thursday by the Department of Energy (DOE), finalize energy efficiency standards for home air conditioning units, or window air conditioners, and portable air cleaners. The DOE said the move would cut air pollution and push consumer costs down by billions of dollars via energy savings.

“Today’s announcement builds on the historic actions President Biden took last year to strengthen outdated energy efficiency standards, which will help save on people’s energy bills and reduce our nation’s carbon footprint,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said in a statement.

The new regulations are set to take effect in 2024 for air cleaners and 2026 for room air conditioners.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Tex.) reacted to the report, tweeting in outrage, “They’re after our stoves, our washing machines, and now, our air conditioners. Funny you never see them coming after private jets. The only goal of the “green” agenda is making you SUFFER! That’s it!”

Below is the entire press release, just posted by the Energy Department on Thursday:

DOE Finalizes Efficiency Rules for Room Air Conditioners and Portable Air Cleaners

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today finalized new energy efficiency standards for room air conditioners—commonly known as window air conditioners—and portable air cleaners that will reduce household energy costs and significantly cut pollution. DOE expects these standards to save American families and consumers approximately $1.5 billion per year on their electricity bills and decrease harmful carbon dioxide emissions by 106 million metric tons over 30 years—an amount roughly equivalent to the combined annual emissions of 13.4 million homes. After moving quickly to address a backlog of Congressionally-mandated energy efficiency updates, today’s new rules underscore the President’s continued efforts to promote innovation and lower costs for families for families while tackling the climate crisis.

“Today’s announcement builds on the historic actions President Biden took last year to strengthen outdated energy efficiency standards, which will help save on people’s energy bills and reduce our nation’s carbon footprint,” said U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm. “DOE will continue to engage with our public and private sector partners to finalize additional proposals like today’s that lower household energy costs and deliver the safer, healthier communities that every American deserves.”

The new rules will come into effect in 2024 for air cleaners and 2026 for room air conditioners. DOE expects the new rules to save consumers more than $25 billion over the ensuing 30 years of shipments. With these standards in place, households using new room air conditioners and portable air cleaners will save an estimated $150 over the average life of the appliances.

Previous DOE rules have substantially increased the energy efficiency of room air conditioners while allowing manufacturers the flexibility to continuously innovate and offer more features to consumers. Today, the typical new room air conditioner uses 39% less energy than its 1990 counterpart. In that 33-year span, DOE raised the efficiency standard for room air conditioners three times. These new standards will continue this trajectory of innovation and consumer savings.

The direct final rule for portable air cleaners—which increases efficiency in two phases, beginning in 2024—reflects a consensus agreement among manufacturers, the manufacturing trade association, efficiency advocates, consumer advocacy groups, states, and utilities. This rule, the first federal standard for portable air cleaners, follows the lead of and builds on the efficiency standards already established by five states, extending the savings to consumers nationwide. As portable air cleaner sales increase, these standards will provide 27% in energy savings while ensuring efficient performance for improving indoor air quality.

Collectively, DOE’s past and planned actions under the Biden-Harris Administration to improve energy efficiency standards will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 2.4 billion metric tons and save consumers $570 billion cumulatively over 30 years.

DOE’s Building Technologies Office implements minimum energy conservation standards for more than 60 categories of appliances and equipment. To learn more, visit the Appliance and Equipment Standards Program homepage.

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    1984 by George Orwell… if you haven’t read it, read it!

  2. Well he is in deep dodo if he messes with menopausal women and their air conditioners.
    This might be the one thing that will really get people riled up.

  3. This bastard sons of the devil need to be charged with crimes against humanity and hung at the neck till they’re dead. This foolishness this administration is Biden administration is a joke and always has been. He cheated to get in there and that was it because Trump beat him big time their day is coming I can guarantee it.

  4. But they spray the sky with chemicals by jets using massive amounts of jet fuel. But that won’t pollute the earth and cause us cancer and illnesses, let’s go after the stoves and air conditioners instead!

  5. good luck with the people that live in arizona, new mexico , and texas in the summer months where it is 120 during the day !!!

  6. What the hell dieting with this idiot dementia asshole man trying to change the world with all these crazy ideas changing gas stoves air condition washing machines. Okay idiot you won’t have air or gas on your plane now because you will have to walk around other countries especially China you creep. You have ruined our country because Obama is telling you what to do and say. I heard your conference with Canada and you had a monitor telling you what to say and you are the biggest lair in history you son of a bitch and coming next is your work with China and Hunter both of you are criminals and go to hell Biden

  7. This is so cool!!! I’m really excited to save billions of dollars on my home energy expenses. Biden really is great! What will I spend billions of dollars on??? Hmmmmm.

    Any asshole that believes Biden when he says these horrendously stupid remarks deserves everything they get in life.

  8. It’s all 100% grade A BULLSHIT! They use jets and planes,gas guzzling SUVs,no doubt A/C of some kind, plastic materials, etc.Its all for their ridiculous cause and agenda.They don’t take this seriously and I don’t either. China,India and the rest of the world doesn’t either,meanwhile asswipe Biden is sending checks to China to help the “green” cause. So stick it to Americans once again so we can send money to China,wake up folks,this is happening in real time.

  9. He needs to be concentrating on NOT getting us into WWlll instead of possible banning of household appliances that he thinks will further his “climate change” agenda. I’m 53 & live in GA… I’m keeping mine for my sanity & others safety 🤣

  10. This will be great for the poor democrates. I work on hvac and install new. Their prices will double from my stand point.

  11. OMG!!!🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️You’ve got to be kidding me!!! What about people that live in apartments with no central air!! Let’s got back to the 20’s!!Idiots!!!

  12. Better go out and buy them while you can! And get an extra one for back up.

    The wrong President is being put under the microscope!
    Where the f is hunter and Joe?

  13. No one will tolerate this Nonsense except those allergic to Freon. Can you imagine cars without ac again let alone sweltering homes and businesses? Global warming is such a farce.

  14. you are all idiots…you all think Biden is coming for your air conditioner??!! lmao. It’s like when you all thought Obama was coming for your guns….in 8 years…how many of you had your guns taken away? Smarten up…or at least pretend you know that it’s just regulation that apply to manufacturers to make them more efficient. The dumbing down of America is really evident here.

  15. Oh no you don’t, Biden you old goat, I’m not doing without myA/C, I’m old and have asthma, I’m already pissed off and I’ll joint the Marines to fight you off, you old buzzard !


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