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President Joe Biden took the oath of office Wednesday, and with new presidents come new White House decorations – especially in the commander-in-chief’s official workplace.

And so it’s no surprise that staffers have moved around a lot of things, from artwork to the carpeting inside the Oval Office.

The article goes on to state the following:

One change the Biden administration made was to remove the military flags that had been on display during Donald Trump’s term in office.

Biden kept the desk that President Trump had used, but replaced the rug with a dark blue one which had been used during the Clinton administration.

Several media outlets are noting that most presidents only have two flags on display behind the desk – the American flag and the presidential seal.​ However, President Trump, a staunch supporter of the U.S. military, had also displayed the military flags near his left said, against the window.  Now, they are gone.

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  1. Democrat politicians ave nothing but disdain for our Military. Each Democrat President since 1976 has destroyed our military, reduced our capabilities and tried pay military slave wages.

    Biden just keeps carrying on a long tradition. I feel bad for our boys. COME ON MAN show some respect.

  2. Biden is lost and his speeches are so boring. Can’t wait to see how far he gets in 6 months. He will not have the energy and we will probably see less of him..hopefully.

  3. Hopefully that carpet has been cleaned since Clinton was in there. You wouldn’t want to black light that baby. Eeeeew.

  4. Just replace the military flags with ANTIFA flags since it’s the army you support to do your acts of terror! Too bad they don’t support you!

  5. He is as unAmerican as they come.
    Could not stand him before, dislike the fool even more today.

    I thought an impeachment was to be filed today?

  6. Suppose he wants Antifa for that?!
    Look up it takes you right to BIDEN headquarters. The SOON TO BE former US GOVERNMENT CORPORATION

    • Antifa hates him too. Check out the riots in Denver. They even think AOC isn’t socialist enough. Those guys are hard core communists, brainwashed by the socialist colleges.

  7. So Joe, you just insulted all the branches of the military… And you added Chavez!! You are out of your mind… Hope you’re not counting on Antifa to protect you … They want you gone too.. oh, I forgot… Antifa is just an idea

  8. Well Joe looks like you already shit on the Military again by removing Military flags. You know, the men and women who protect your stinking ass 24/ 7. Remember your words joe, when you spoke to the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing in Southeast Asia May, 2016. As the troops waited for you to continue speaking you felt jilted out of claps for what you thought was an applause line. “I have incredibly good judgment. One, I married Jill and two, I appointed Johnson to the academy. I just want you to know that. Clap for that,, you stupid bastards! Man you are a dull bunch. Must be slow here”. joe, you pathetic excuse for a president. NOT OUR PRESIDENT.

  9. Poor decision. Divisive and disrespectful move towards the military. Their huge efforts to protect him at the Inauguration were heroic What an grateful child.

  10. That’s so he can get daily practice sniffing heads that he will miss doing since he will be surrounded by CIA everywhere he goes!

  11. How nice would it be to see military turn on him. What piece of sh!t. He’s gonna shred this country, asshole already sending people to unemployment lines.

  12. Hopefully military will turn on him, what a jackass. They come protect his sorry ass at his so called inauguration. Then turn around and do that. This idiot and his goon squad gonna destroy this country. He’s already sent people to unemployment lines. Only gonna get worse.

  13. Chávez was a US Vet and wouldn’t approve of his policies. He didn’t like illegal immigration because it hurt his people

  14. That’s because the military has already turned against this fake administration. I read an article yesterday that it has been confirmed that this administration has not been given the keys to many military related things. So only a matter of time before its all over for them!


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