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Former Vice President Joe Biden mocked President Donald Trump on Thursday for questioning Puerto Rico’s official death toll from Hurricane Maria.

Biden, in a speech in Washington on labor and the economy, contested the pair of tweets that Trump wrote earlier in the day, in which the president said that “3000 people did not die in the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico” and that Democrats had fabricated the number, engaging in “bad politics” to tarnish his reputation. The former vice president accused Trump of willingly ignoring the issues facing the United States.

The article goes on to state the following:

“By the way, there’s no problems in America, everybody is doing well, things are fair and decent, and no one died in Puerto Rico,” Biden quipped in his introductory remarks.

Biden, who was the keynote speaker at an event on wages hosted by the Century Foundation, an economic think tank, also drew a connection between the anxieties of workers and what he sees as a rise in American populism.

“People being able to earn a fair minimum wage is the ultimate antidote to all of this foolishness that’s going on, with this phony populism and this naked nationalism that’s being promulgated,” he said. “When things are tough economically for people who work hard, there are sometimes charlatans that come along to try to find a reason for those people to blame whatever is happening to them on the other, on the immigrant, on that black man or woman.”

Biden, who is mulling a 2020 run for the presidency and has clashed with Trump before, also criticized Washington politicians for being “elitist” and thinking they should not listen to the concerns of middle- and lower-income workers. He admitted that the Democratic Party had ignored “the lack of the ability of the average worker to bargain for their wages” as a significant concern in politics.

“In both parties, occasionally, we’ve been elitist and think if they’re high school-educated folks, they don’t really understand what’s going on,” the former vice president said. “But they understand. People are listening and they’re afraid. And when they are working one or two jobs and they’re still in trouble … they’re susceptible to demagoguery.”

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  1. What rock did they find Biden under, he uses a lot of big words, that only a few would understand. Now who is the elitist.The only one who comes to mind, is Obama, who loved to blame someone else/ Nothing was ever his fault. They stand in front of the cameras claiming no scandles during our 8 years in Wash. They do not know how all that doings of the CIA and FBI was done. So innocent it had to have been Trumps fault or something Bush started.

  2. Biden is an idiot. BO and him should just fade out like all other presidents did. They had their time now it’s over. Let it go!!!

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