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President Joe Biden’s press team is seeking to charge reporters $170 for mandatory COVID-19 tests every day they enter the White House, The Washington Post reported Friday.

The White House is reportedly seeking to implement the unprecedented measure on Monday, arguing that the cost of testing dozens of journalists each day has “strained its budget.” The White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) has already raised objections to the change, and critics argue it could effectively ban smaller outlets from the campus, giving major outlets a monopoly on White House access.

The article goes on to state the following:

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki vowed hours after Biden’s inauguration to bring “truth and transparency back to the briefing room.” President Donald Trump’s White House footed the bill for testing reporters daily for months before leaving office. Biden’s White House has limited the number of tests to 80 per day.

The Washington Post noted that the mandatory tests apply to all news people working on the White House grounds, including those working in the briefing room and those who maintain TV camera positions outside on the lawn.

TV networks often send as many as eight people per day to report and film from the White House, which would then cost $1,360 per day for testing.

After the Correspondents’ Association got involved, the White House reportedly conceded and agreed to keep covering the costs of tests for pool reporters who attend press briefings and travel with the president, but that only includes a small number of reporters.

TV host Eric Bolling tweeted, “This is outrageous. I’m a new member of the @whc and I will bring this up immediately. This would effectively prohibit smaller media from covering the WH.”

“”Budgetary constraints..”?  Good Gawd we have a $4 trillion national budget. I think we should push back HARD on this.” I sent this to the White House Correspondents Association tonight…” he added.

Playboy reporter Brian Karem voiced his outrage, tweeting, “This is a violation of Free Speech. @POTUS should be ashamed. NO ONE should have to pay to cover the president. For any reason. Many smaller organizations can’t afford this. No freelancer or independent will be able to pay this cost.”

“The proper response from @WHCA is to refuse to cover any events until this draconian restriction is lifted. This Presidential policy smacks of hypocrisy: Only the wealthy can have access to the White House and the President,” Karem added.

Former Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh tweeted, “On the campaign trail, Biden was criticized for only taking questions from pre-screened major outlet reporters. Now in office, Biden wants to ensure that only those outlets can afford to cover him. $170 per virus test per day to cover the White House.”

“Put another way: A small news outlet with one White House reporter, paying $170 for each virus test, would pay:


“That’s a lot for the privilege of covering Biden. Only bigger outlets could swing it.”

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  1. Let’s get the gender study money back from Pakistan and voila the tests are paid for. Jackasses! There hasn’t been truth once since Little Red Lying Hood promised she was bringing it. This is absurd.

  2. Oh but wait! Take back the money being put on a silver platter and doled out to illegal (yes, I said it. ILLEGAL) immigrants, and they would have plenty of money for COVID tests for reporters.

  3. That’s your baby boy in the White House. You you all lied for him, you all worshipped him. He was your salvation and America’s salvation. He was the smartest idiot on the planet. And now your mad? But why? Did he do something stupid? Did you not get your rewards for carrying his water? Stop your crying. Take you socialist medicine like a big boy. Remember this is only the beginning, the power grab is just getting under way and you better get used to it. You asked for it. Well, you got it.

    • The problem is the larger outlets are likely happy about this. Since they don’t care about things like freedom of speech or journalistic integrity, you won’t see any of them sticking up for the small outlets who can’t afford this.

  4. This administration is more and more a dictatorship than ever before. I hope we can make it thru his term without destroying the country

  5. 🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆 this is hilarious! You got what you voted for!! It’s all about controlling the narrative. Jokes on you losers for voting for Biden😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣

  6. This is the WH attempt to eliminate smaller conservative media such as Newsmax, OANN, Right Side) so they won’t get asked tough questions or object to their policies!

  7. Lmao, LMFAO!!! This is what you get, and you lied and told everyone he was so, so much better than Trump! LMFAO, you reap what you sow! Lmao, LMFAO!!!

  8. This is what youth libtards wanted. You voted for it. I think its hilarious. This idiot you elected is nothing but evil anyway, like most of your party.

  9. lol, this is only for reporter, guess what the American people will discover next: The Americans will pay much more: Higher Taxes, higher gas prices, higher health care cost, higher prices because of the minimum vages etc…,etc..,etc…! We can thank the Fake News Media and the stupid leftis who voted for Democrats for that gift!

  10. This is a drop in the bucket for large outlets like the Washington Post and NYT, but a huge hurdle for smaller operations (which are usually the ones that ask actual questions and do real reporting). Yet this administration preaches equity 🙄.

  11. Get rid of the federal employees perk if they have to stay home if their kids aren’t in school and how could they be in school when they’re not allowed to return to school? What a game. Who pays us if we have to stay home with our kids because the government is depriving them of their educations….

  12. If this administration wasn’t so bad and evil , it would almost be laughable…gas is already at $3 a gallon and this crap just started. Everyine will pay,pay and pay for this corrupt bunch of a holes

  13. You all lied for him ,Covered for him ,Did not cover his crimes ,Covered for his Criminal Son ,And acted like he was SO AWESOME ,How do you like him now ,You are getting just what you Deserve !! This is Just the Beginning,,Be Careful what you wish for ,lol,Elections Have Consequences !! It is Finally YOUR TURN,ENJOY THE RIDE LIBTARDS,,😆

  14. Sorry guys, you have been played. You REALLY thought biden was going to be a knight in shining armor? He is just another corrupt politican.

    Do you miss us yet! !


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