As DML News reported Friday, Apple is issuing update patches following major security glitch issues in iPhone and iOS products. The problem isn’t limited to Apple phones, however. Billions of devices are at risk, as two major security flaws have been revealed by cybersecurity researchers.

The flaws may leave devices vulnerable to hackers, providing potential access to users’ data and passwords.

According to WCPO:

“The flaws — dubbed Meltdown and Spectre — affect processing chips made by Intel, AMD and ARM Holdings.

“That means if you use a desktop, laptop, smartphone or cloud service from Apple, Google, Amazon or Microsoft you might be vulnerable.”

Security experts say users should download any updates available for their devices as soon as they become available, as companies are scrambling to fix the problem, and will be issuing patches.

Experts say that Spectre is the most viable threat, as it is present in billions of devices, while Meltdown may only affect only Intel chips.

Software Engineering Institute, a U.S. government-funded research and development center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, said software updates can provide a partial fix, for now.

“Because chip replacements are not going to happen tomorrow, realistically, software is being updated,” Sitaram Chamarty, a security researcher at Tata Consultancy Services, reportedly said.

Apple said they would be releasing more software updates to protect against the security vulnerabilities, and that recent updates to their iOS, macOS and tvOS operating systems have already included protections against the Meltdown issue. They also said the operating system for its Apple Watch wasn’t vulnerable.