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(CNN) — An undocumented immigrant was shot and killed Wednesday by a Border Patrol agent in Rio Bravo, Texas, according to US Customs and Border Protection.

The agent was responding to a report of illegal activity near a culvert and discovered a group of undocumented immigrants, the agency said. The agent tried to apprehend the group, but he came under attack by people using blunt objects. The agent fired at least one round, fatally wounding one person, CBP said.

The woman was shot in the head, said Fire Chief Juan C. Gonzalez of Rio Bravo Fire & Rescue. She still had a pulse when the department arrived at the scene at 12:47 p.m., he said. But by the time his team got supplies, she no longer had a pulse, Gonzalez said.

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In a bystander video posted on Facebook, a woman yells at an agent: “Why are you mistreating them? Why are you mistreating them? Why did you (shoot) at the girl? You killed her. He killed the girl. She’s laying there and she’s dead.”
The video showed an agent leading away some men. CBP said responding agents apprehended three undocumented immigrants.
The FBI and Texas Rangers are investigating. FBI agents are expected to interview the three people taken into custody, the law enforcement source said Thursday. The names of the agent and the deceased have not been released.
According to the report, in fiscal 2016 there was one assault for every 44 Border Patrol agents.
Even so, director of American Civil Liberties Union’s Border Rights Center in Texas says the “Border Patrol’s history of violence against immigrants requires us to scrutinize every incident involving lethal force closely.”
The group wants border agents to begin wearing body cameras, “for the sake of transparency.”
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