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The agency responsible for providing low-income housing assistance has failed to comply with laws that require agencies to report wasted funds for years, and that trend continues under President Donald Trump.

For the fifth year in a row, the Department of Housing and Urban Development failed to complete mandatory audits and reviews designed to ensure that agencies are tracking and recovering improper payments.

Reducing improper payments is part of Secretary of Housing Ben Carson’s vision to re-imagine the way HUD works. Carson wrote in September that he intends to reform internal processes that “organize and deliver HUD services more effectively to the American people,” which would require “enhancing the working conditions and training at HUD itself, while eliminating improper payments and waste, fraud and abuse.”

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Specifically, HUD has failed to conduct risk assessments for fraud and improper payments in all its programs, and also failed to release estimates of how much each program spends improperly. The term “improper payments” refers to any time the government spends more or less than it should in an individual transaction, or pays the wrong recipient. After five years of compiling IPERA data, however, the House Committee on Oversight found that 90 percent of improper payments were overpayments.

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