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There’s accommodation, there’s tolerance, and then there’s just plain lack of logic.

The goal of any religiously-oriented school, be they Catholic or Jewish or Mormon, is to instill that religion in their students. By the end of their tenure, a student from one of these institutions should either be super Catholic or super Jewish or super Mormon. Given that obvious framework, it seems counter to a Catholic school’s mission statement to provide sex-segregated “safe spaces” for Muslim students to conduct prayer.

The article goes on to state the following about the Catholic university in Iowa:

According to NPR, “St. Ambrose University in Davenport will open a new prayer space Tuesday for Muslim students,” which will supposedly honor a former professor who taught a course on world religions: Joe DeFrancisco, who died last summer after a 25-year tenure at the school.

“At his funeral, there were people from six different faiths,” says St. Ambrose senior Matt Mahoney.

“Mahoney wanted to make sure DeFrancisco’s legacy of interfaith education lived on,” reports NPR. “So, he met last fall with the university’s Saudi Student Association to turn an idea of DeFrancisco’s into reality.”

“Mahoney worked with the university’s Saudi Student Association to design a space specifically for students of the Islamic faith,” continued NPR. “Some of the features include sinks for ritual foot-washing, and separate areas for male and female worshippers, since Islamic tradition calls for different prayer areas for each sex.”

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