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One of the largest surveys on cannabidiol or CBD usage to date was done by Forbes Magazine. The results show that women were more likely than men to use CBD and once they started using it, were likely to drop their traditional medicine.The most common reasons people used CBD were to treat insomnia, depression, anxiety and joint pain.

Dr. Perry Solomon, the Chief Medical Officer of HelloMD, recently told Forbes Magazine about a study HelloMD conducted. Results showed forty-two percent (42%) of CBD users said they had stopped using Tylenol pain relievers or prescription drugs like Vicodin and had switched to using cannabis instead. Eighty percent (80%) said that they found the products to be “very or extremely effective.” Only 3% or less found the product to be either ineffectual or only slightly effective.

Another positive aspect of CBD appears to be sexual wellness. In a recent report, Forbes reports that women claim CBD products, such as DML PUREare helping improve vaginal dryness or pelvic inflammation. Thus, CBD is helping females realize an “awakening” of greater stimulation and “erotic feelings” during intercourse.

This should come as little surprise. There’s a long standing relationship between cannabis and sexual health. According to Forbes, doctors worldwide have prescribed combinations of cannabis with other herbs, for a broad range of gynaecological conditions, from aphrodisiac uses for libido to menstrual cramps, pain during sex, and even for a difficult childbirth.

There is no shame in wanting a more pain free experience no matter what the activity. A recent testimonial from Sarah reveals the following: “DML, I want to thank you for DML PURE.  I am taking the softgels. The positive, pain free me of years ago is back in full swing and my husband is THRILLED.  Thank you for all the information. Your CBD is the best product I have tried. I am a lifetime customer.”  Get DML PURE at

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