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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace told President Trump that he is viewed as a “beacon for repression around the world” because of his repeated attacks against the press.

Wallace made the statement to Trump while conducting a sit-down interview with the president that was aired on Sunday. In it, Wallace pressed Trump about his rhetoric in regard to the media, noting that most presidents haven’t like the coverage of their administrations.

The article goes on to state the following:

“No president has liked his press coverage … Nobody called it the enemy of the American people,” Wallace said.

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    And they started the day he announced he was running.

  2. He was not elected to win a contest around the world. He is doing what the American people want. The stock market is up, so my retirement looks better. More better paying jobs, as industry is moving back into the USA. The trade is more balanced which allows more American products sold on the open market. He is a businessman not a politician that is only working to be reelected.

    • Exactly! I have always gotten pissed when somebody says “Well in Europe they do it this way or that way” etc. I always reply “Who gives a shit how they do it in Europe, we left there because we didn’t want to be a part of them and didn’t care how they did things over 200 years ago! What make you think we care now??”

  3. President Trump is the best President in my life time. Obama was the worst. The Media is in the bag for the Democrats. I only watch Hannity, Carson and Laura Engram. President Trump is for the people. I Will be voting for him in 2020.

    • Even better – – News de Venezuela! Chris Wallace has totally lost is marbles or has been sub consciously programmed to try to destroy President Trump.
      Did he get a Christmas Bonus from Georgie Boy?

  4. When God wants to convince mankind to do the right things, he, with patients, long-suffering and love unfeigned works to draw them to him. Satan wants mankind to do the wrong things. He uses force, hatred, intimidation, lies, half-truths, hiding the truth by not telling it. How many of Satans traits and methods do you see in the methods of the left, and in the Main Stream Media? Trump comes along and calls them out on these things and what happens, hatred, anger, vile reactions, violence. Everything you would expect in a Satanic reaction. This battle we are in is deeper and more serious than people realize. It is not about Trump. It is about us, mankind.

  5. I am an old bird – I remember Chris Wallace’s father and I remember I always enjoyed his reporting. Chris – not so much. The more I listen to him, the more I am convinced he is a DEMOCRAT and his questions certainly lean that way. While he is telling Trump that he is seen around the world as a “beacon for repression”, I wonder if he even thought about America from sea to shining sea with the exception of the East and West Coast? Oh, but that is right – we are just the deplorables and our opinions don’t count – all of us uneducated, low information, low class voters. My husband and I change to One America News when certain people come on Fox news – Chris Wallace, Stirewalt, Juan Williams, Shepard Smith plus several of the Democrat women….it is just not worth getting your britches in a wad over some JERK because they are either Democrat or a Democrat sympathizers. GO TRUMP 2020

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