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Members of Congress should be able to work together to protect houses of worship from having to pay taxes, especially in an election year when both parties want to earn the faith community’s vote.

In an era of pervasive partisan politics, however, not even that is a guarantee.

Some Republicans do want to tweak a portion of their 2017 tax bill that will now force nonprofits, including churches, to pay a 21 percent tax on the value of certain employee benefits. But most others downplay the problem or deny it needs to be addressed.

The article goes on to state the following:

“(Democrats and Republicans) are describing the problem in very different ways,” said Galen Carey, vice president of government relations for the National Association of Evangelicals. “One side is saying ‘this is an oversight,’ the other is calling it Republicans’ war on religion … overheated rhetoric probably won’t help us get a solution.”

Short of legislative action, a public relations nightmare could be awaiting lawmakers who voted for the tax bill back home.

“This is an issue that will not go away,” said Dan Busby, president of the Evangelical Council for Fiscal Accountability. “When you stir up 100,000 houses of worship, and then hundreds of thousands of nonprofits on top of that, you have a pretty mighty force that is going to get attention on this issue.”

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  1. I’m not sure how a church can be considered “non-profit”. I have often thought that churches need to pay taxes just like all businesses do.

  2. You have often thought that churches need to pay taxes just like all businesses do?
    Are you able to articulate that thought as to why churches need to pay taxes?
    If so, please do so at length.

  3. At one time I could see churches doing good work for their flocks, but as time has gone on, you see Heads of these churches making themselves richer and richer, their churches not doing anything or very little for their followers and having some moving into politics, which they should not be entering into but are pocketing more and more money from politicians.

  4. A church receives Tithes and Offering from the congregation who writes off this “donation” as per the tax code.
    A church is not a business for profit. These organization do a lot of work that save “We the People” from paying more in taxes to get done. The majority are volunteers that help the community and neighborhoods around them, not all are Mega Churches like seen on TV. The majority are very efficient and careful on how the money is spent. Remember, the church is accountable to God.

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