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The city of Golden, Colo., is set to vote in November on whether to lower the minimum voting age in local elections from 18 to 16, The Denver Post reported Monday.

The news outlet reported that the city of 21,000, located just outside Denver, would be the first Colorado community to approve such a measure. If passed, voters as young as 16 would be able to cast ballots in elections for local candidates and on local issues.

The article goes on to state the following:

The Golden City Council put the measure on the November ballot late last month, the Post reported.

The state legislature previously discussed a bill that would have lowered the voting age in school board races to 16, though it never came to fruition.

If approved, the new age minimum would likely go into effect in November 2019, the Post reported. Golden would still require residents to be at least 18 years old to run for office.

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  1. These kids have been brainwashed by liberal educators. The idea of giving them the vote at 16 is yet another attempt by the left to try to keep power. They know Voter ID is coming and the walk away movement is cutting into their hold on minorities. Solution, start now to get the kids who have been taught that everything should be free and only democrats care enough to give it to them.

  2. So, let’s see. It use to be that 16-years-old were a whole lot more mature way back when. You know, about 100 years ago. But in the last two generations, our kids have had an extended childhood. The teens today are just not mature at 16-years-old. Today, they can’t even figure out their sexuality at 16 years old, much less know how to reason out voting for someone. This is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. Leave it to Colorado, the state running a fast second behind California for stupidity.

  3. Voteing at 16 is absurd. In my state a 16 year old almost always in tried as a minor legally.Can not buy a cigarette, alchoal or a firearm. Can not consent to sex with a adult…cant even walks the streets after 10pm….when you need to have your parents sign consent forms, in my opinion you shouldnt be voteing in adult issues

  4. No one should be allowed to vote until they have totally supported themselves for at least one year. Unless a child has had to make his/her own way in this world they do not have any idea how to deal with adult issues, much less issues that will be a help or burden to people other than themsleves.

  5. 16 year olds are still learning . they’re not even out of school yet and they do NOT even know what this country is all about yet or even what should be changed. but these idiots that thought this one up will say if we register them as dems then why not let them vote because they know that’s the only way they could gain control of ruining this country.

  6. Feinstein years ago wanted to lower the voting age to 14. Dems know that they must reach undeveloped minds to get votes. Sad.

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