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Former Vice President and potential 2020 hopeful Joe Biden says he meets with world leaders and tells them to go around President Donald Trump, according to a new book on vice presidents.

According to Biden, visiting foreign dignitaries call on his experience after meeting with the current president, and he tells them that Vice President Mike Pence is a better person to talk to than Trump, The Hill reports.

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“The king of Jordan comes to meet with him [President Trump] and gets in a helicopter to come meet with me in Delaware,” Biden told Kate Andersen Brower, author of the new book “First In Line: Presidents, Vice Presidents and the Pursuit of Power.”

Recounting a 10-minute meeting with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Greece that turned into a 2.5 hour discussion, Biden said he reached out directly to Pence.

“What I do is, whenever that occurs, I pick up the phone and I call Mike [Pence],” Biden said. “What I tell these leaders, who are somewhat diffident about the president, I suggest they go see Mike. I explain it this way: I say that a lot of this doesn’t fall within the president’s bandwidth, because he has no experience in this area.”

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