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(CNN) — The debate over a secret recording between Donald Trump and his longtime attorney Michael Cohen continued Wednesday, with both sides offering different explanations of what was heard on the tape.

CNN hired an audio forensics expert on Wednesday to review the tape and determine what is heard, what isn’t heard and figure out what clues can be gleaned from the nearly three-minute clip.

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In a recording from September 2016, Cohen mentions a plan to buy the rights to a story that Playboy model Karen McDougal allegedly had an affair with Trump years ago. The tape confirms that Trump knew about the payment discussion in real time, while his campaign had denied knowing anything about the topic.

Primeau said he doesn’t regularly follow the news so he can “stay unbiased” in his work. He hasn’t given money to political candidates, according to Federal Election Commission records.


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  1. Tapes, like videos, can be manipulated and everyone knows that.The left has lost its mind and just grasping at straws, just making themselves look more ignorant every day. Beside, what is a lawyer doing taping his clients.

  2. So what whats the big deal? Nothing could be bigger than the fake visa app. Bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC interfering with the 2016 election. Nothing said on the selling of 20% USA Uranium sold to the Russians by Hillary Clinton. These people at CNN are grabbing at straws trying to get as much dirt as they can on POTUS. If they would spend half the time spent on POTUS and look into the real crimes done by Obama and Hillary Clinton we just might get some justice for the crimes done towards WE THE PEOPLE. Obama’s Birth Certificate a fraud and was a forgery. What Trump has done before being sworn into office doesn’t matter its what he does while in Office. Just like Obama and Hillary had taken the oath of office and violated that same oath.

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