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Former Kennesaw State University cheerleader Toomia Dean said she was cut from this year’s team after kneeling in protest during the national anthem last year.

According to WXIA, Dean was one of the “Kennesaw 5 Cheerleaders” who knelt during the national anthem at last year’s Sept. 30 home football game.

Dean told WXIA in a report published Thursday that the move is “what happens when you take a stand.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The five cheerleaders drew both praise and criticism for the demonstration. The Georgia state attorney general said at the time that students attending a public university could kneel during the national anthem so long as it was not disruptive, but the university banned the five cheerleaders from the pregame routine, the outlet reported.

The university ultimately allowed the cheerleaders to return to the field later in the season after receiving backlash for its ban.

In May, WXIA reported, four of the five cheerleaders who knelt were not invited back to the team.

When the station asked Kennesaw State officials about whether the move was a case of discrimination or steep competition, the university responded that its cheerleading team was more competitive than ever.

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  1. Perhaps now Ms. Dean will have the time to work with underprivileged and abused children, encouraging them to achieve to the point whereby they too can obtain all the privileges America has bestowed on her and the four other college-attending students.

    • Totally agree- Symbolizes hatred for cops and that is not okay, nor is it deserved. Every day our Blues don’t know if they will return to their families and MOST are extraordinary public servants who would give their life for you no matter who you are; much like those who have served or are serving in our military. Agree with you there is a better and more effective and positive way to address society’s problems involving law enforcement and your suggestion is spot on. Nicely done.

  2. Regardless of what this cheerleader thinks she was cut among a lot of competition. Not sure why politicians would congratulate this child girl for taking a knee during the national Anthem when she is suppose to be focused on her talents which as she openly stated is what got her the position in the first place. If she wants to protest she can do it on her time instead of making these cheerleaders the focus of inappropriate behavior wrong time wrong place!! next time do what you were chosen for: CHEER!! Do not dish it out if you cannot take it and everything has consequences including bad habits.

  3. My prediction is that all of these useless POS’s including the scumbags in the BLMFL (Black Lives Matters Football League) will start standing again after President Trump is out of office. Because their phony cause is just that, phony, their real complaint is that President Trump doesn’t treat them with special rights, President Trump treats everyone equally and they don’t like that! BUT, I will not watch any sports that allow kneelers until all of the kneelers are no longer in the league! Hopefully the owners will be smart enough not to re-hire them or pick them up, just like “Colon Kaopectate” never got a job there again, the rest of the overpaid, undertalented, scum need to be unemployed!

  4. Every kneeler, male or female, should be sent to an area where our American Military is serving in action and have them work as first line Medics carrying wounded or dead Soldiers out of the combat zone for a year!!! These wussified crybabies would be pleading for a Section 8 removal from the area within the first 10 times they have to remove injured or dead Soldiers from the battlefield….

    • Better idea send them to a country that doesn’t allow protest against the government like all the Communist and Islamic led countries, especially the women kneelers send them to a Muslim country for a year and let them see how the Muslims treat women!

    • I totally agree. I doubt you could even get them out there because they are basically cowards. And why do they not understand that when you make a cheerleading squad one year there is NO guarantee you can do it the next year. 95 applicants trying out!! Odds were definitely against these 5 prissy divas. My husband, my grandfather, my father, my brothers, my nephews, my cousins, my uncles and my son and daughters served under Old Glory. You disrespect the Flag and you disrespect every member of my family and a lot of my friends. Your demonstration proved nothing and achieved nothing. I wish they had removed you from the college and sent you to boot camp and off to war!!

  5. First allow them to take a knee and then what next. They already walk, spit, urinate and walk on our flag.

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