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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Jane Fonda said she’s still confronted by Vietnam War veterans over her 1970s anti-war activism and welcomes the encounters.

Such moments provide an opportunity to talk, she said, which needs to be done with what Fonda called “an open mind and a soft heart.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The actress drew bitter criticism after being photographed atop an anti-aircraft gun during a controversial 1972 visit to North Vietnam. Meeting with TV critics Wednesday to discuss a new HBO documentary on her life, she expressed regret for that moment.

She said it was thoughtless to perch on the gun and called it “horrible” to think about the message her action sent to soldiers and their families, she said.

She felt betrayed and lied to by America’s leadership over the war and decided she would do everything possible to help stop it as part of a movement, Fonda said.

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  1. I remember well the actions of HANOI-JANE she knew exactly what she was doing and the she was coming across to the American Soldier and their families, and so did her brother Peter. Peter chose to follow the advice of his father Henry and John Wayne to back off. Hanoi-Jane was too arrogant. She held a blood drive in the US to collect blood for “wounded Vietnam soldiers” then took the blood to North Vietnam. A young man I grew up with was in charge of confiscating and collecting the propaganda films that Hanoi-Jane made and released to the US service people stationed in Viet-Nam. “Hanoi” was patterned after Tokyo-Rose of WWII. Hanoi-Jane was not anti-war, her propaganda films were 100% PRO North Vietnam and designed to destroy the American service people both mentally and emotionally. The only thing Hanoi-Jane ‘regrets’ about her actions is those actions destroyed her acting career. If it hadn’t been for Henry she would have disappeared. Even with Henry, she almost did. And, unless she has recently changed her politics to Democrat she is still a registered Communist.

  2. She was an adult. She made her decision as an adult. She put her career above these soldiers who fought and died for their country. It doesn’t matter about the politics; young soldiers died and she spat on them!

  3. No, nothing she says or does will ever change my mind about her actions in Vietnam . Is this her confession of forgiveness or something as she reaches her final years?

  4. Took her over 50 yrs to decide her actions were wrong. Too many for many many VN vets to forgive her.Who is she doing it for?

  5. I will never in my lifetime accept an apology from her or her brother, the disgrace put upon her father alone was a tragedy.

  6. Screw these Hollywood liars. Now there’s a star on the Hollywood walk of shame that should be destroyed and removed.

  7. Her apology was insincere and insulting to the men who lived through her treachery. I have not willingly watched a single movie of hers no will I ever.

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