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A country group is speaking out against Facebook, after the social media platform did not permit the band to promote its song “I Stand for the Flag” on the social media site, a new report says.

The Wes Cook Band released a video for the song on Tuesday and submitted a request using Facebook’s paid promotion tools to promote the content. Although it was initially approved, Facebook then declined the request due to the video’s “political content,” Fox News reports.

The article goes on to state the following:

In response, the band has argued that “patriotism is not political” and pointed to song lyrics that say, “You ain’t gotta pick a side, you can love your fellow man and still have pride.”

“Our song bleeds unity and love of country. It doesn’t see race, color, religion, or political affiliation,” lead singer Wes Cook said in a statement to Fox News. “‘I Stand for the Flag’ means I am thankful for the freedoms and opportunities this country gives all citizens, and shows how dependent we all are on each other for the success of our American Dream. I believe patriotism is not political.”

Facebook is investigating the incident, per Fox News.

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