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Oliver North called America’s new youth gun-control activists “civil terrorists”; the movement’s public face trolled back Thursday with an Iran-Contra joke.

David Hogg took to Twitter to mock Mr. North, the new president of the National Rifle Association as someone who knows all about terrorism.

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Mr. Hogg retweeted a Salon article commenting on an interview with The Washington Times in which Mr. North said of the Florida school-shooting victims such as Mr. Hogg, “They’re not activists — this is civil terrorism.”

The teenager replied: “#OnTheContra you would know about terrorism, wouldn’t you?”

The Washington Times further explained: “Mr. North first became a public figure in the 1986-87 Iran-Contra scandal, in which the Marine lieutenant colonel took money raised by covert sales of weapons to Iran and gave it to the “Contras.” The anti-Communist guerrilla group was fighting to overthrow Nicaragua’s Sandinista regime and were derided as terrorists by the American left at the time.”

Hogg has continued to troll North in additional Twitter posts, with the hashtag #OnTheContra.

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