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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News offers the following information published by Bloomberg:

Hours after Kanye West held court in the Oval Office during a cheerfully raucous session with President Donald Trump, another celebrity who came to Washington on Thursday, Robert De Niro, mused about how to find a new leader.

“We all know my thought about the president and we have a more important thing now and that’s working to get rid of him,” said De Niro, a two-time Academy Award winner who was mocking Trump years before he ran for president.

The article goes on to state the following:

“But you need somebody strong that can beat him at his own game,” De Niro told Bloomberg News in an interview. “You have to offer things that are as real as they can possibly be. You can’t promise anything — I mean, when you’re a politician you say, ‘I want to do this, I want to do that.’ And you have to have things that are going to inspire people to want to believe in you, as opposed to the nonsense that’s being put out by this guy.”

“This Beto O’Rourke seems interesting,” De Niro said, referring to the Democratic Senate candidate in Texas who has drawn the national spotlight for his spirited campaign against Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

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  1. These people are all jealous of Trump for what he has accomplished in his lifetime and what he has including his intelligence. They should stick to what they do best and perform. They are so enamored with themselves they think the general public listens to them. By 2016 we had enough and knew that Trump would be better for the Country than anyone else and we were right. Look at what he has accomplished in less than 2 years. Truthfully, I would be embarrassed to admit if I were a Democrat after all that has happened. They are liars, cheaters, violent, uncivil and perhaps even murderers. Thank God for Trump! MAGA!!!!

  2. What a disgrace this vulgar old man is running around the country threatening to get rid of the president. Throw him in a padded cell, he’s a loose cannon.

  3. Interesting, to say the least, that court jesters such as De Niro opt to call Kayne West “crazy.” It would take a raving maniac to top the antics of De Niro and 99% of others in Hollywood.

  4. Di Nerdo is just having a tantrum because Obama gave him a medal to play with and Trump didn’t give him one.

  5. Trump won’t kiss celebrities butts like some other Presidents have. And the poor babies are offended!! Haha!

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