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WASHINGTON — It has headlines and bylines, an original story 834 words long, and links to 10 articles from other outlets concerning health policy and drug pricing in New Jersey. But readers expecting journalism from the upstart may be in for a surprise: It’s fake news.

In reality, it’s a campaign site run by Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), who is facing a re-election challenge from Bob Hugin, the former CEO of the pharmaceutical company Celgene.

The article goes on to state the following:

The site, with the exception of a small-print disclosure at the bottom and a link to Menendez’s campaign website, does plenty to leave the impression it is a journalistic outlet and little to make clear it is a political messaging tool.

One post on the website, which runs below a byline crediting it to “HealthNewsNJ Staff,” is titled: “How greedy drug company CEO Bob Hugin gouged cancer patients and enabled Donald Trump.”

And on Facebook, the faux-news outlet’s page classifies itself as a “news and media website,” at no point acknowledging that it is associated with the Menendez campaign. Its nascent Twitter account, too, uses a line of attack centered on greed and price gouging, but does not acknowledge the site’s ties to the campaign.

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