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A group of Senate Democrats introduced legislation Monday that would block the Trump administration from holding meetings with foreign heads of state at Trump-owned properties.

Sens. Jeff Merkley (Ore.), Ed Markey (Mass.) and Mazie Hirono (Hawaii) introduced the Scrutinizing White House Activities that Make Profits (SWAMP) Act.

The article goes on to state the following:

The measure would ban the administration from using taxpayer funds to meet with a foreign leader or hold other multilateral meetings at the Trump International Hotel, Trump Tower, Mar-A-Lago, the Doral, Fla., resort or any other property that the president or his immediate family have majority ownership in.

Trump’s attempt to hold the G-7 at his own resort was corrupt. It was a violation of the Constitution. It was an abuse of power. And we must put an end to his self-dealing, Merkley said in a news release.

The fact that the President thinks that it is okay to write himself a check from taxpayer money and foreign governments shows the absolute depth of his corruption. It’s time for Congress to step in and make it crystal clear: President Trump cannot profiteer off of his meetings with foreign leaders—not with the G-7, not ever.

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  1. Except they are conveniently ignoring the fact that Trump was doing so at NO COST which means we actually would have SAVED money. Wish they’d instead make some rules prohibiting their offspring from receiving employment opportunities with any of their political affiliations that offspring are not qualified for nor have earned on their own merit.

  2. ok if this is a happening thing then The democrats have no right in making money off of their campaigns and their companies are excluded as well from making money as well so i guess we will have no decent places for countries to hold meetings and there will be no negotiation meetings with any country. this excludes democratic congress and republican parties from being able to host anything so i guess we will not be having negotiations with foreign countries because i be darned if i will allow pelosi to do them. no more aid for foreign countries no more letting anyone in this country no more helping with foreign countries and the wars they have.. .. Americans FIRST!!

  3. Pelosi is selling grapes and wines…
    stop Pelosi and Koch brothers and others Congress men and senators to do business…
    stop Pelosi and Schumer and Congress senate to spend taxpayers money …
    President Trump saved a lot of money for Americans… Obuuuma spent a lot money but President Trump stoped unnecessary
    fees what Obuuuma paid…
    demorats can not do restrictions for President Trump… they have to do restrictions for presidential campaigns…
    how they spending huge money…
    a lot of candidates and a lot of spending money for using private plains…
    they can use own money not taxpayers…
    stop using taxpayers money…disgusting what they doing for President..

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