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For years Republicans have enjoyed the support of a powerful constituency: conservative evangelical Christians, whose passion on issues like opposition to abortion and support for Israel has aligned them with the party’s agenda. It has been an almost impenetrable voting bloc in recent years, and growing stronger, with more than 80 percent of white evangelical voters supporting President Trump in 2016.

Democrats have largely stood on the sidelines as Republicans forged this alliance. But now a group is moving more aggressively to bring evangelical voters and the Democratic Party together as the midterm elections approach.

The article goes on to state the following:

In the weeks leading up to Election Day, a group of progressive Christians — largely Democrats who are also evangelicals — are organizing small rallies in some 20 battleground House districts across the country. Their goal is to urge Christians to vote for Democrats and counter Trump administration policies that oppose their religious beliefs — especially on immigration, health care and poverty.

The group, Vote Common Good, hopes that shifting even a small percentage of evangelical voters will make a difference at the polls.

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  1. They’ll do anything to win, including “progressing” religion. Any church or group who changes God’s holy word to conform to their worldly view should not be taken seriously.

  2. You’ve got to be kidding!!! The Democrat party which took 4 votes and barely passed a resolution recognizing GOD at their convention!
    Democrat leadership is by far and away the most atheistic and agnostic group of politicians except for some of the Communist dictatorships in the world.
    Churches and ministries, don’t be fooled by the Democrats attempts to pander to you. They are losing ground nationwide and are desperately seeking support anywhere they can find it. They will contrive any lie or group of lies just in order to win a few votes. After the election, if they win, all of a sudden – – they don’t know or care about you. The promises they made to you – – I DON’T REMEMBER SAYING THAT!

  3. Wеll like Mommy stated, once we love еach other and love the world
    that Jesus diеd for, that?s a kind of worship.

    Once we takе into consideration God and hearken to the sermon or in Sunday College, that?s a means օf worshiρping becaᥙse were studying how nice God is and He
    likes that. Or once we sit round and inform one
    another what the best isѕueѕ about God are. You understand how mucһ you like listening to people say һow sensiƄle or
    cute you boys arе? Effectively God likes when we talk collectively about how nice he is.?
    Daddy answered.

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