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Disney World cast members plan to protest the company’s vaccine mandate as the deadline to get the shot approaches, contending that many employees have a “legitimate basis for refusing vaccination.”

Protesters are expected to march down Lake Buena Vista Boulevard to the “middle of Disney World,” according to reports.

The article goes on to state the following:

“We understand that COVID-19 is a very real health concern that we all have to take seriously,” Nick Caturano, who is organizing the event, said. “But many cast members have a legitimate basis for refusing vaccination.”

Caturano mentioned several reasons why people would refuse the vaccine including health concerns, religious factors and those who have had COVID already possess natural immunity.

He said, “So many cast members felt alone and felt like they were the only ones who thought this was wrong. I think we were made to feel that way on purpose. But we have connected now, and we are pushing back.”

A statement previously released by Disney read, “Vaccines are the best tool we all have to help control this global pandemic and protect our employees.”

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  1. YAH shut it down with no employees! No one wants to take their kids to this scumbag brainwashing place anyways! They have shown their true colors!

  2. These employees are RIGHT to protest the OVERREACHING FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DICTATORIALLY taking over & MANDATING our HEALTHCARE? It’s a CRIME WITHOUT AUTHORITY for Biden Administration to ORDER citizens to take vaccines or any other medical treatment, according to the CONSTITUTION, regardless of “ emergency “ or “ crisis”government may claim??? How much longer are we going to allow this out of control CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT to DAMAGE the country? By the way, for those who don’t know it vaccines for flu type viruses ARE NOT the best or needed treatment for viral disease? They have only minimal success in treating or preventing flu type viruses?? CV vaccines are a dangerous unapproved disaster that has caused unacceptable number of DEATHS! HERD IMMUNITY IS the science based natural development that produces the best defense & RECOVERY from viral disease but that process has been greatly hindered from developing by WORTHLESS HARMFUL MASK WEARING unbelievably, for almost 2 years, that weakens our immune systems & prevents HERD IMMUNITY from naturally developing??? IF our goal is to END this CV virus, it’s not going to fully happen till ALL MASK WEARING , Social Distancing, & Isolation IS ENDED 🎭!

  3. I saw the picture of Minnie Mouse with a busted lip and black eye along with many other cuts and bruises. Rumor has it that Mickey Mouse beat the crap out of her for not getting the vaccine as required by obiden….


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