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Dozens of faculty and staff members at Eastern Kentucky University have sent a letter to the school’s president in opposition to President Trump.

The letter, with over 100 signatures, comes days before Trump is scheduled to hold a campaign rally on the university’s campus.

The article goes on to state the following:

The faculty letter does not oppose the rally itself, but condemns Trump and the campaign he ran, saying it is against to the university’s values. It also raises concerns about “disruption” to student life from the rally.

“We must object to this campaign which has consistently, openly, and unambiguously attacked the values of inquiry, learning, and free speech which lie at the heart of higher education and form the core mission of this University,” the letter reads.

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  1. It alright for you libtard professors to have your kids go out and protest and that doesn’t disrupt anything but if someone comes to speak on the campus that isn’t a liberial idiot you want to bitch….I guess you are the only ones with freedom of speech

  2. Blah, blah, blah…
    That’s our 1st amendment at work! They’re not gonna change his mind on where the rally will be. They are “speaking their truth” bwahahaha!
    Don’t they love living in a country where free speech is allowed?

  3. bunch of ignorant students from university talking like socialist shit ,this is the resposability of the professors that for most of them are socialits and preaches this to their students anti -trum ,they are not intelligent enough to evaluated the work he is doing to save america and their ass in college and university who pay for this the government and government need to managed this country with a 21billions deficit this is what pres trump inherited when elected please little shitty activists stop that bashing if you want to survived let this business man work and stop listening to those professors activist shit

  4. So, let me get this straight. Trump is attacking free speech. It’s not you “professors”, trying to stop Trump’s speech, who are obviously attacking free speech.
    Did I get that right? Do I get an “A”?

    • You get an a+. These far left indoctrinators are totally afraid that President Trump might get their students to think for themselves and see how they are being sold a bill of goods by their professors. I hope the university president used the letter for toilet paper.

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