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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) withdrew a “no action assurance” notice that delayed enforcement of an Obama admnistration-era regulation the agency is working to repeal, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler decided current regulations limiting the sale of glider kits — refurbished truck engines placed into new bodies — did not warrant a delay in enforcement, according to a source familiar with the matter.

The reversal comes after the D.C. Circuit Court issued an interim stay against the notice, signaling to the Trump administration it would side with environmentalists and states that challenged the agency.

The article goes on to state the following:

It’s only the latest setback in the Trump administration’s effort to save an industry it sees as being the victim of collusion between EPA bureaucrats, environmentalists and big business interests.

EPA issued a “no action assurance” notice on glider kits in early July, the same day former Administrator Scott Pruitt left office. Pruitt resigned amid multiple investigations into alleged ethics violations.

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  1. So how many truckers is this judge going to put out of business? More of the same crap to hurt the working people of this country.

  2. Glider kits are less than .001% of the working trucks on the road. This won’t have any effect at all. I will affect whatever increased demand there will be for these trucks in the future, however. These refurbs are cheaper to buy than a new truck so it is only a cost-saving option for freight and other trucking companies.

  3. My daughter is a trucker says: that the amount of truckers that will lose their job is between 15,000 to 20,000 people because of this EPA thing. So, it will impact many more people that some think. California is the one that caused this whole thing and she and her partner driver will NOT go to California because they have all but ruined the trucking industry in the first place and the glider kits actually save money and the emissions from escaping into the air. So, if they stop these, the EPA can make more regulations and that would mean more jobs lost.

    I HAD my own truck but thanks to all the taxes, regulations, insurance cost and new laws from the Obama reign, I had to give it up. The cost just wasn’t worth it.

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