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Facebook has banned Infowars founder Alex Jones from the platform for 30 days over content that violated its community guidelines, a Facebook spokesperson said.

“Our Community Standards make it clear that we prohibit content that encourages physical harm [bullying], or attacks someone based on their religious affiliation or gender identity [hate speech],” the spokesperson told Mashable.

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The Facebook representative also said that the site has removed four videos from pages run by Infowars and Jones after the content was reported to the site.

“We reviewed the content against our Community Standards and determined that it violates,” the spokesperson told Mashable.

Pulling the videos counts as strikes against the Facebook pages. The platform has said that pages will be pulled from the site after receiving a certain number of strikes, but hasn’t revealed how many strikes trigger the action.

Infowars and Jones are known for sharing unfounded conspiracy theories.

The temporary ban from Facebook comes days after YouTube gave Infowars’s channel another strike for posting content on “child endangerment and hate speech.”

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