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This week’s scheduled meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un seems certain to rewrite the rules of international summitry. In the process, it may give the world its first taste of “burger diplomacy” as the leaders seek common ground to satisfy Pyongyang’s craving for security guarantees and economic rewards in return for a deal curtailing its nuclear ambitions.

A close adviser to Moon Jae-in, South Korea’s president, recently revealed that officials from Kim’s regime told him they would view American business investments in the North as an important guarantor of the security of their state.

The article goes on to state the following:

As an example, he suggested [installing] a branch of McDonald’s — the hamburger empire viewed globally as a symbol of American culture and power.

The Washington Post reports:

“North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may allow a “Western hamburger franchise” into the country as a show of goodwill to the United States, according to an intelligence report described by U.S. officials to NBC. That follows remarks by South Korean adviser Chung-in Moon in late April, who said that North Korea might be interested in welcoming a McDonald’s as tensions ease.

Axios reported that aside from a fast-food establishment, a US Embassy is potentially on the table. From Townhall:

Axios’ Jonathan Swan has another great scoop ahead of President Trump’s historic peace negotiations with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un this week. Apparently, the United States could possibly construct an embassy in the communist country in exchange for denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. 

As noted by Swan’s sources, President Trump’s end goal is ultimately getting  North Korea to give up its stash of nuclear weapons.  If that includes establishing an official U.S. Embassy in the country, then President Trump could agree to that. His negotiating tactic is to be open to most possibilities that could reasonably get the two countries to a mutual agreement (Via Axios):

“One of the sources, who is familiar with the president’s thinking, said Trump had made it a point not to reject any ideas headed into the summit:

  • “It’s definitely been discussed,” the source said. “His view is: ‘We can discuss that: It’s on the table. Let’s see.’ Of course we would consider it. There’s almost nothing he’ll take off the table going in.”
  • The source said North Korean officials have been wildly inconsistent in the pre-meetings, making it difficult to get any read on how the discussions might go.

The source close to the White House added: “POTUS will consider any idea anyone brings him if it delivers on denuclearization that is irreversible and verifiable. He won’t be played by Kim. But it is not his style to — on the front end — rule out possibilities of what could happen or may happen depending on how negotiations go.”

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