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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by JUSTTHENEWS.COM:

Shortly before the FBI used his dossier to secure a surveillance warrant targeting the Trump campaign, Christopher Steele met with State Department officials and relayed information suggesting Moscow was running an operation out of the Russian consulate in Miami.

There was just one problem with his intelligence: The Russians didn’t have a consulate in Florida’s largest city.

The article goes on to state the following:

The anecdote, captured in contemporaneous memos and newly released testimony, illustrates just how bad some of Steele’s intelligence reporting was and how widely that was known inside the FBI, even as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was being assured by the bureau that Steele was deemed credible and there was no derogatory information about his work.

According to the documents, released by Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham on Friday, Steele made the false claim about the non-existent Russian consulate during an October 2016 meeting with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec at the State Department.

Kavalec wrote in notes after the meeting, “It is important to note that there is no Russian Consulate in Miami.”

During that meeting, Steele also admitted he was leaking information to the news media while he worked as an FBI information, and was later terminated for doing so, the report states.

The revelation came from the transcripts of the hearing with FBI official Stephen C. Laycock.

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BREAKING: Graham releases Russia probe docs, slams probe as ‘one of the most incompetent, corrupt’ in FBI, DOJ history

The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for January 15 is embedded below. DML covers the news of President Trump getting ready to declassify documents related to the Russia collusion hoax. He also spoke about Biden’s amnesty plans, and the crazy $1.9T relief package he vows to sign into law. Lastly, DML discussed some of the RADICAL LEFT stories in this week’s news. Please listen and share, and be sure to download the DML NEWS APP so you never miss a podcast.

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  1. No one is going to be held accountable. Republicans had 4 years to do something and just let the President be impeached the the first as they going to let them impeach him for the second time. They really make me sick! . If nothing was done back then much less now that Democraps are in charge.

    • Not only did 10 Republicans vote to impeach Trump, but they did it before an investigation, before they knew the facts, refused to hear the facts, and without giving him due process! I’m so disgusted and infuriated over those RINOs turning their backs on their constituents!

  2. Well, if they knew early on, the shits should have come forward and did the right thing. But, noooo. They had to be just as corrupt and ruin their reputation. Wray seems like he is trying to sweep the Capital attack lies under the rug to keep the impeachment going under false pretenses. Wray is a piece of crap!

  3. There are people lyiñg their butts off about Trump on YT. Saying he did a coup on himself. Of all the Insanity I have heard to date! We have been going through hell for over four years because of this Satanic cult and now they’re trying to convince ppl it’s all backwards.
    Father, I pray that You release these people from Satan’s lies. Help them to see what has happened to them.
    In Jesus Holy Name, Amen.

    • Be patient, keep praying. GOD is on his way, in his time, not a second early nor a second late. In Jesus Almighty name. The 305 is rolling!! Biden will never step foot in white house


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