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Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., on Monday was one of the few Democrats to indicate the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem is a mistake, and said that decision should have been delayed until a peace agreement is reached with Palestinians.

“The location of the embassy is a final-status issue that should have been resolved as part of peace negotiations where both sides benefit, not just one side,” she said. “Israel will only know true security when it is at peace with its neighbors.”

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As Israel celebrated the new U.S. Embassy, Feinstein noted the several dozen Palestinian people who were killed as part of the violent protests against Israel in Gaza. She said Trump needs to pay attention to their needs as well.

“Today’s protests in Gaza have left more than 40 Palestinians dead and hundreds more injured — it’s just heartbreaking,” she said. “The humanitarian situation in Gaza is desperate. Instead of cutting aid, the Trump administration must restore our leadership role and do what it can to alleviate the Palestinians’ suffering.”

“In the aftermath of the embassy opening today, the Trump administration should state its unequivocal support for a two-state solution and work with our allies to restart talks between the Palestinians and Israelis so that a more secure future for all can be achieved,” she added.

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