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First lady Melania Trump’s office is ripping The View and guest host Yvette Nicole Brown for remarks about President Trump’s “mistresses.”

Trump spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said the show needed to check its facts before going with base speculation and ripped it for a second day “of attacks.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The fight began when Brown, who was filling in on the show for “The View” host Joy Behar, at one point suggested that Melania Trump might not be upset about the president’s affairs because she might have been involved with the president while he was already married.

“Is it possible that she’s not concerned with his mistresses because she was one of them?” asked Brown.

Grisham offered a blistering response.

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    • They act and talk as very low class prostitutes. It’s a shame that we have such trash in a day time show. They all should be cancelled and get a job cleaning latrines somewhere in the desert.

  1. The View should be taken off the air the only thing they know is hate and those who listen to them ought to be ashamed of themselves

  2. What really pisses me off is the assholes that run to have no problem in stopping canceling a show that is even the slitest off of their left wing bullshit, aka Rosanne, last man standing, just to name two but allow such a disgusting show like the view to stay on

      • The View is watched by brain washed people – people under mind control by the deep state owned media. These people have lots of anger and the media has been successful in redirecting that anger towards Trump and republicans by lying and propaganda – this is what dictators do to keep their thumbs on the people. Their viewers are typically the lowest educated and the most gullible. Just think about those that followed Charles Manson – it is the same mentality.

  3. Melania is Perfect for Americas First Lady ! She is kind, she is decent. She dresses like the First Lady should, and she represents all the good things about America ! Not many can fill those shoes ! God Bless you Melania. These women on the view can not hold a candle to you. They are bunch of old Crows, just being jealous ! They are not worth one thought in your head.

    • Thank you Mary – you hit it on the nail. obviously these women on the view have nothing better to do than gossip and spread lies. what a shame especially since they are the one’s that claim they support and stand up for women. women today even over a coffee do not talk like this – at least that has been my experience.

    • Talk about Hillary Clinton too – she has been carpet munching her entire life – that is why she didn’t mind slick willy putting his slick willy in every woman he could – and even some that said no.

  4. The View is another reason that I pulled the plug on television. The shows are mostly trying to brainwash and lower our standards. They never try to build anyone up, they only know how to pull a person down. They do not show any respect to anyone. The show stays on because the liberals and snowflakes love it.

  5. Does anyone else notice that every time the left talks, it is always related to something sexual? It seems that’s all they talk about. Maybe because they are not intelligent enough to carry on a decent discussion. Or maybe because whoopi came on to a 16 yr old boy during the filming of a movie when she was in her 30’s. Sick minds.

  6. Have never watched The View until today while, in the midst of a manicure, I was captive audience via the channel set by the salon, to the most vile and biased verbal venom I’ve heard in a long time. These ignorant and hate-filled View females are an embarrassment to any civilized, intelligent and dignified woman. It took everything within me to maintain my composure and, in the future, I will make certain I do not schedule an appointment at a time which coincides with airing of The View.

    • You should have spoken up to educate the women watching “the view”. You should schedule your appointment when the show is on, so you can work against those nasty women and help those brain washed by it understand what has been happening to them.

  7. I never watch the view anymore. It has become tasteless since Barbara Walters retired. I do watch sometimes The Talk, that show very rarely if at all talks about Politics. They discuss other things and have a different topic each day. I will miss Julie Chen as she is leaving. But I love the other Hosts.

  8. Since the View can’t get the President’s goat anymore they are now going after the First Lady. The View should’ve been taken off the air years and years ago. They are a worn out record and have nothing new to say about anything. These women just sit around and scream, name call, and use the same words aimed at someone new. They have ZERO morals or respect for anyone that doesn’t agree with them and agree to scream, name call, and dengrate the people they tell them to.

  9. Well there is one thing that can’t do and that is be a beautiful as Melania. She just gets more beautiful. And, as far as her accent. My Grandparents came over from Italy at Ellis Island and didn’t speak a word of English. They worked hard to learn the English language so they could become citizens of the USA. My Grandmother had an accen’t her whole life, but she was more American than the temper tantrum MOB idiots and the View.

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