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A former FBI special agent who tracked the online activity of extremist groups in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election said this week that he believes Russian hacking and disinformation campaigns in 2016 helped President Trump get elected.

“Yes. I think just alone the hacking, particularly of the [Democratic National Committee] and the time to release by WikiLeaks and DCLeaks and others of hacked materials offset the media narrative,” Clint Watts said on the Yahoo News podcast “Bots & Ballots” when asked if Russian hacking efforts helped Trump get elected.

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“If you go back to the infamous ‘Access Hollywood’ tape of Donald Trump, it was immediately followed by the release, within an hour I believe, of hacked emails to try and distract from that narrative, and to essentially inundate that media space with other coverage,” he added.

Watts, who has been a staunch critic of Trump, looked into the online activities of groups like al Qaeda and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) during the 2016 presidential campaign, Yahoo reported. He was also among the first to track Russian bots operating social media campaigns and he testified on his findings before the Senate Intelligence Committee in March 2017.

Watts added that the FBI had taken note of Russia’s disinformation campaign on social media in 2014.

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  1. “the hacking, particularly of the [Democratic National Committee] and the time to release by WikiLeaks and DCLeaks and others of hacked materials offset the media narrative”

    SO! What Clint Watts is saying is that the exposure of the illegal and scandalous behavior of the Democrats helped Trump get elected! I can believe that!

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