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Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer said Tuesday that President Trump is “his own worst enemy” after the president wrote a tweet in which he attacked adult film star Stormy Daniels’s appearance, calling her “horseface.”

“The president can counter punch so hard he often hits himself,” Fleischer, who served as a press secretary under former President George W. Bush added. “And that is something he has been actually pretty disciplined at for the last eight to 12 months and here he is again returning to that mistake and over-tweet.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“I wish he wouldn’t engage like that,” Fleischer continued. “It diminishes what is a proper victory. Instead of hitting a home run he has now hit a double.”

“This is where the president is his own worst enemy,” he later added.

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  1. Oh so what? We all knew he wasn’t politically correct…which he said from the very beginning that he wasn’ he has to endure all sorts of smears, name calling, nasty words, etc. and he calls someone who tried to bring him down, once again…so he called her a name? Big Deal!! We don’t care. At least with Donald Trump, you know where you stand. He isn’t fake, he doesn’t pander, he isn’t smiling to your face and then stabs you in the back…You know right up front what he’s thinking and how he feels…A refreshing change from the glad handers and the “Smilin’ Jacks” we’ve had to put up with….Don’t like it? Quit going after him!

  2. I love my President and I think the country is doing better than it has for 30 years or so………..but, sorry to see him tweet the “ horse face” comment. I love you Prez……….but please stop calling people names! You still have my support!

  3. President trump calls it as he sees it. He is not a politician but rather a “people’s” POTUS. We elected him because he speaks his mind and doesn’t cave to the people pressuring him. He is the only President in the last 60+ years who puts the citizens of this country first and I congratulate him on all he does. She should be honored that he called her “horseface”, rather than by her true description as a “slut”.

  4. Ever Wonder why a Cow has such a LONG Face ? You wold have a “LONG Face” too if you only had SEX once a Year. Trump is just stating the TRUTH. Look at her Face.

  5. Maybe her face appears to be long like a horse when she was looking up from his lap with her mouth full.
    When I put myself in Trump’s place with the constant attacks from the lying corrupt fuuken scum of society I’m amazed at how well he keeps his cool. Really, how many of you out there could tolerate the constant prodding from the turds in the news and the creeps from the deep state lying about you every day. For a guy who talks honestly, a mistake here and there is of no concern. I guess horseface is not as bad as c_nt rag.

  6. Trump unfortunately says what a lot of us want to. But most of us show restraint. He doesn’t. You hit, he hit back… harder. He says it here and there in interviews. Some of the comments are over the top. He wouldn’t have won and be 45 if he was polite. Love it or not, he’s the Prez!

    The media goes nuts but says Trump has mental problems and call his supporters Nazis and all manner of total over the line BS. So they need to take it down the road.

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