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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by THEEPOCHTIMES.COM:

Following complaints and speculation about the shredding of documents at a vote-tabulation center in Cobb County, Georgia, officials issued a statement to allay fears, although GOP officials suggested that the move is suspect.

“There has been significant social media chatter about some document shredding at the Jim R. Miller Park Event Center in Marietta, Georgia where our Elections Department had previously conducted the state-ordered re-tally of votes in the November 3rd election,” the Cobb County Board of Election said in a statement. “The shredding company routinely responds to the Elections Department following an election to help remove non-relevant materials that cannot be easily disposed of.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The firm, identified as A1 Shredding & Recycling, worked at the Jim R. Miller Event Center “early Friday,” and helped dispose of copies of apps printed from OnBase; copies of outdated policies, forms, notes, and form letters; envelopes with voter information on them; reports; sticky notes with voter information like phone numbers and email addresses; white privacy envelopes; printouts of old emails; duplicates of faxed applications; and other documents.

County Elections Director Janine Eveler said the material being shredded is not “relevant to the election or the re-tally” in the state, the Epoch Times reported.

Eveler said in a statement, “Everything of consequence, including the ballots, absentee ballot applications with signatures, and anything else used in the count or re-tally remains on file. After an out-of-context video was shared on social media we contacted state officials to reassure them this was a routine clean-up operation and they could inspect our stored materials if they wish.”

The first video was posted on Friday, Nov. 20, as a woman identifying herself as Susan Knox says she called police when she saw the shredding machine parked in front of the Jim Miller Park facility.

On Tuesday afternoon, attorney Lin Wood posted a number of additional videos, also taken by Knox on Tuesday, of more shredding vehicles hauling out bins of materials from election facilities in Cobb County, Georgia.

Knox and Wood are alleging that ballots are being shredded.

A1 Shredding and Recycling released the following statement on Saturday, saying they do not inspect the materials they are asked to shred for their customers.

Wood posted a copy of a subpoena filed on Monday against George Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, demanding video footage filmed at the facility during and after Election Day. He is also demanding any documents relating to the reported plumbing “incident” at the facility during the night of Nov. 3.

To get more information about this article, please visit THEEPOCHTIMES.COM.

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  1. I don’t believe them at all!!! The democrats & communists stole this election from President Trump and the American People!! I hope they they’re exposed. We finally may have an illegitimate President and that’s joe biden!!!

  2. right another excuses before you shred it you should let everyone to see what you shredded that’s the right way..we been in communist or socialist country we are not buying it..your excuses

  3. This is a damn lie! With all the questions about this election, who in their right mind would have “ordered” a shredding truck? Only those trying to get rid of evidence of election fraud!! This is insane!!

  4. If A-1 Shredding believes so “strongly in the democratic process and feel Georgians and all Americans deserve to have confidence in the election process,” then why wasn’t it the least bit curious to know if the bin-loads of documents it was shredding included ballots?!

  5. This is disgusting!!!! So blatantly obvious of corruption on the Democrats part. President Trump would win by a landslide and they knew it! Fake ballots, all those ballots sent out blindly without checking if the people were still at those addresses or even alive! Many people saying they couldn’t vote because someone already had! And it was not them! No Proof of ID asked for. This was the most fraudulent election in our history and we the people will not stand for it!!!! Enough is Enough!

  6. Who shreds documents the day s of elections!?! Come on!!!!! Fraud by the Democrats!!!!! They need to pay for this!!!! We will not trust our elections ever again if this goes to the Corrupt Democratic Party! So much Evidence on Biden’s dealings with China and everything spelled out on his son’s note book and verified by his son’s business partner that he was at the meeting with Joe Biden and his son!!! Biden should be held for treason!!! He is a traitor to our country!!! Also received monies from a wife of a Russian Diplomat and paid Russia to fire one of their top officials who’ve were investigating Biden’s son!!! The FBI has all this information!!!!

  7. After reading further, I see that Linn Wood is the one who posted on Twitter!
    My question is, how many times are we going to buy their lies!!! Do they think we are going to be like…okay, I believe you. Come On Man!!!! Duhhhh
    Cheating , dirty bastards!!!!!!!

    • Exactly, you’d think they’d have waited until this was over to call in the shredding company….agai, we are all supposed to believe that horseshit.


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