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NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — The Girl Scouts’ New York City chapter is looking at options to get out of its lease in the Trump Building on Wall Street, according to a Business Insider report.

According to the news outlet, the Girl Scouts of Greater New York is looking to break a 15-year lease early at the building controlled by Donald Trump’s family real estate firm. Girl Scouts officials tell Insider that the organization entered its lease in 2014.

The article goes on to state the following:

“As a matter of very high priority, our organization has been exploring options for getting out of the lease and the building,” Meridith Maskara, the CEO of the Girl Scouts of Greater New York, said in a statement to the outlet. “We continue to investigate our options and work to find an office space that would best serve the girls of New York City.”


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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast on January 13, 2021 focused heavily on the impeachment efforts of Democrats — they want Trump gone because of the events of January 6 at the U.S. Capitol. Listen below, and share!

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  1. This speaks volumes! How many Girl Scout cookies does it take to pay rent for office space in downtown Manhattan? Buy your cookies elsewhere.

  2. That’s nice… So now we have will have a generation of female Brown Shirts… What would have been considered insane just a few weeks ago is now the new norm… The country becomes more unrecognizable every day…

    • I’ll be boycotting the cookie drive this year then. The GS needs to stay out of politics until then they’re boycotted.

  3. Girl Scout Cookies give money to Planned Parenthood, look it up, they have for a long time.
    Our family stopped buying cookies from them a long time ago.
    This is becoming very dangerous, where is all this heading?
    What next rounding those up that supported Trump?

  4. Yes that’s the plan but guns first. These people want to round us up and re program us via nazi style re education camps. It’s so insane.

  5. No more Girl Scout Cookies for our family! They are grossly over priced anyway!
    Politics should not play any part of this organization –

  6. Yes, teach them they can identify as a boy, teach them that sex with whomever is okay, tell them abortion is okay…. but don’t stay in the building of an upright man who has given much and done much for this Nation, and made our Nation far better than it was when he became President.

    If the GS wanted to pay me to take some boxes of cookies, I’d decline.

    The GS isn’t what it once was: a place for little girls to engage with one another, learn skills, and learn how to grow up to be a strong woman. Now, the GS is used as the spring board for the “leaders” to have pliable, vulnerable young girls to exploit them into their ideology.

  7. This attempt at cancelling the president is and now the 2nd pathetic impeachment is making America look foolish. The president is not going to be allowed to retire gracefully they want blood. All he did was stand up for Americans. It makes me physically sick.

  8. Insanity at highest level, now let the democrat voters see how their elected officials divided this nation. Shame on Americans who don’t stand up for their rights they don’t know the value of freedom.

  9. Well didn’t know Girl Scouts could afford Trump space! And have the immorality to break a lease when the heat gets too hot! Will be easy to pass those tables of cookie sellers now!

  10. Oh boy, this gets more ridiculous by the hour! No more cookies for me & they really are overpriced! The President did nothing wrong. Hold them to terms of agreement!!

  11. They support Planned Parenthood. They hold PP leaders in high regard, and even send girls to PP in order to get their “becoming a teen” badge. They lost my support a long time ago. I miss the cookies, but my soul is waaaay more important. 🤷‍♀️ And now this Trump defection nonsense just shows they aren’t shaping strong women; They are herding sheep.

  12. I seriously hope any mother or parent that has a girl that wants to be in the girl scouts that supports Our President Trump. Does not let her daughter join. I also ask any Trump Supporter to stop buying their over priced cookies.

  13. The garbage our government and media have thrown to us is sickening….
    I was a very active GS in my early years – and went to several wider opportunity events… learned so much from our local leaders – This is the most ridiculously absurd thing I have Ever heard
    I am ashamed of the GS’s to even contemplate this!!!
    I actually feel ill knowing this!!!! 🥲

  14. Sadly, the GSA has devolved into an organization that doesn’t do much more than exploit young girls for the purpose of fundraising.

  15. When my daughter was in the Girl Scouts she thought it was a waste of time, joined because of her friends and thought it was the thing to do. Besides selling cookies (that I did at work) they need NOTHING USEFUL for the community and the activities were lame.

  16. Screw them, they signed a lease with the ‘Pussy Grabber” and they should be stuck with it. They made a choice to lay with a pig and there needs to be consequences.

  17. If our founding fathers had not done business with others because they disagreed we wouldn’t have this country. This kind of thinking and behavior only leads to dictatorship.


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