By voting next week in favor of a must-pass spending bill, Republican leadership will fund sanctuary cities, representing a victory for Democrats and a defeat to conservatives who put the GOP leaders in office, according to a new report.

“House and Senate leadership has rolled over and played dead on border security. When it comes to a border wall, they say it is not our problem. When it comes to funding sanctuary cities, they say it is not our problem. What they are essentially saying is we are going to pass bills with more Democrats than Republicans,” a senior Republican aide told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “This is a sign to administration that leadership doesn’t care what the White House wants. Even though GOP members ran on these issues. Conservatives mean it. The administration means it.”

In January 2017, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to withhold federal grants from cities that harbor illegal aliens. Trump’s order was blocked by a federal judge in November 2017, who ruled that the administration did not have the legal authority to refuse funding that had already been appropriated by Congress. Although the battle between the administration and federal courts is ongoing, Congress can end the debate by enforcing its “power of the purse.”

Trump administration officials and conservatives in Congress are urging leadership to halt funding for sanctuary cities. If Congress could be convinced to refrain from appropriating the money for the federal grants in the pending spending bill, the court’s claim would be compromised, according to arguments.

In 2016, the federal government awarded approximately $27 billion in federal grants, American Transparency reported.

On March 10, Trump implored Congress to stop funding cities that are “aiding and abetting criminals.”

“I’m calling on Congress to stop funding sanctuary cities so we can save American lives. The funding bill should not give precious and massive tax payer grants to cities aiding and abetting criminals,” Trump said at a campaign rally for failed Republican congressional candidate Rick Saccone. “It’s what they do.”

David Bozell, president of the national grassroots conservative organization ForAmerica remarked regarding the likely Republican vote to fund sanctuary cities, “This is why guys like Rick Saccone lose. The expectations for Republicans to maintain control ought to be very low. Republicans want to run on this platform of tax cuts and ‘my name is not Nancy (Pelosi). ‘How much currency does the ‘we aren’t Pelosi’ have anymore? This is not 2012. These are base races. You have to have your base energized for you, and giving Democrats everything they want is going to keep base voters at home.”

Bozell added, “There is nothing preventing Republicans from being on offense on all of the key issues, like immigration, Obamacare, Planned Parenthood — all of them. You are talking about trillions of dollars that our representatives are spending under the cover of darkness. Their number one responsibility is to be stewards of taxpayer dollars.”