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Written by DML
Republican James Inhofe represents Oklahoma in the United States Senate. He is a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

In an op-ed published on Friday, the senator spells out the details of a new bill he is pushing that could help plug the large hole in America, aka the southern border.

Before reading portions of his op-ed, I ask you to watch his video on Twitter, and my response to it below.

The op-ed posted on Fox News states in part:

Right now, thousands of Central American migrants are marching towards the United States, intending to cross our southern border. They know that the majority of the 1,954-mile border is vulnerable and, even if caught, they can take advantage of our laws to stay in the U.S. illegally.

Enough. We must secure our borders and stop migrants from abusing our immigration laws. President Trump knows this. That’s why he has made border security – and a border wall – a priority.

I’m with President Trump. That’s why I’ve announced the first legislation that identifies how to fund the border wall.

The senator goes on to explain that his plan, called the WALL Act, would fully fund the $25 billion border wall by closing existing loopholes that allow illegal immigrants to receive federal benefits.  He goes on to explain how he would use e-Verify to ensure tax credits are given only to Americans.  The savings would fund the wall.

It’s a wild and willy plan that has too many moving parts for it to be accepted.  Ultimately, it’s a cute way of sneaking in e-Verify under the disguise of a border wall for the president and his loyalists.   To me, this plan is like turning a leather jacket inside out to try and protect it on a rainy day.  A lot of work for little results.  Why bother.  In short, his plan will never pass.

As noted in my tweet, President Trump does not want to stop illegal immigration — if he did he would rip out his pen and paper and kill the jobs magnet.

Trump vowed two weeks ago that he’d sign an order to kill the 14th Amendment and to protect the border from incoming migrants — saying they’d never get into the US.  Those promises fell short as the election results didn’t go his way.  Since Nov 6, Trump has not tweeted about the caravan.   Has he forgotten about it?

Trump knows these people are coming into the country one way or another, and he has jobs waiting for them at the ready.

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