An amnesty-pushing Republican who fears he can’t win reelection in his state is now considering a run for the White House in 2020.

Retiring U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake charged in a Thursday speech to the National Press Club that his fellow Republicans “might not deserve to lead” because of their blind loyalty to the president.

The Arizonan also said he could wage a 2020 GOP primary challenge against Trump.

“It’s not in my plan to run for president, but I am not ruling it out. Somebody needs to stand up for traditional Republicanism,” Flake said. “Somebody needs to raise that, for nothing else than to give people hope that that decent party will be back. We’ll get through this.”

Flake’s comments came on the eve of his first solo political appearance in New Hampshire, the state expected to host the nation’s first presidential primary election in less than two years. Flake will deliver a speech Friday morning titled “Country Over Party,” as part of the esteemed “Politics and Eggs” speaker series at Saint Anselm College.

Flake, who admitted in 2017 that his ability to win another election in Arizona appeared slim, championed an amnesty bill in 2013 which ultimately failed in the House.

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