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Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) said on Sunday that his wife received a graphic text message with video of a beheading shortly after he voted to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Gardner told Fox News that his wife received the threatening message on Saturday, just hours after the Senate confirmed Kavanaugh in a 50-48 vote.

The article goes on to state the following:

The Colorado Republican also said someone posted the names and addresses of his family members online.

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  1. Please forward the addresses of those that released Mr. Gardners family’s addresses. I think they need to receive some response mail from those of us who are sick and tired of this childish and threatening behavior.

    She must have gotten this from an e-mail that can be responded to? Usually these cowards leave no trail for them to be challenged. Pathetic and sick…..that’s the left liberal democrats today. Thank God he was confirmed. Can’t wait for Ginsberg to fall off the Justice chair she constantly sleeps in and we can replace her with a conservative woman Justice.

  2. All need to remember, all those deplorables that hillary mentioned, well these actions are not coming from the deplorables, folks, this is the left in all their glory that you are witnessing. How the rank and file can even associate with the socialist-democrat party is beyond me.

  3. These people to arrested and heavily charged with ththem max you can for such offenses and remain locked up for a while! This is why we should have carry permits ! Protect yourself from these idiot crazy people !

    Do not give your vote to the Power-Hungary MOB OF DEMOCRATS. They are evil and brainwashed or insane!

  5. well, they found the last doxxer…..they can find this one…there have to be serious consequences for these people…they are out of control and the left gives them permission to act uncivilized…(they are animals)

  6. There is no bottom to how low these people will go. With Maxine urging them on at some point they will make their threats of beheading real. Will someone THEN step up and arrest her as well as the ones actually doing the killing, or whatever other perverted action they take?

  7. The scariest part, perhaps, is that they actually think that their actions are justified. The soros indoctrination machine, or in layman’s terms=MSM, is hard at work and getting results.

  8. This is it. Theyve finally done it. This was the straw that broke the camels back.
    Im done with every democrat out there. THIS HAS TO STOP BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE.

  9. The only problem with all this is, we all speak in closed forums talking to all the other Republicans. The truth should also go to the Democrats. What we say should somehow reach their ears. AND keep US safe at the same time. Maybe some of them are too stupid or lazy to look up the fact checkers…so we need to let them know whats going on. How do we do that?

  10. Trace the message back to the sender and arrest them for making terroristic threats. Publish their name, home address and telephone number.
    Until there are serious consequences for this type of behavior it will continure.
    These people are cowardly bullies and wouldn’t dare continue this nonsense unless they felt safe doing so.
    Make it very dangerous and they will stop.

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