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A group in support of workers in traditional energy sectors says Tom Steyer’s highly promoted town halls aren’t living up to Steyer’s own words on transparency because event organizers are generally banning recordings by the general public.

Power the Future, an advocacy non-profit, sent one of their employees to a recent “Need To Impeach” town hall run by the California billionaire, only to see a sign at the check-in table which read, “In accordance with ‘Need to Impeach’ rules and regulations, no unauthorized or pre-scheduled filming is allowed at this event.”

On at least two occasions in the same article by Time magazine, Steyer advocated his efforts toward transparency.

The article goes on to state the following:

Steyer was asked about how some political observers have compared him politically to the Koch brothers, the Kansas billionaires who have been politically active with their wealth in the last decade, but for right-of-center causes.

“I think that’s very misleading,” Steyer said. “First of all, I get the point that there’s too much money in politics, and I agree with it. I think there should be reform, and what we’re trying to do is take away the bad part of money in politics as much as we can by being transparent. I think the Kochs are not transparent. And when was the last time you sat in the back of a Volt with Charles Koch?”

Steyer went on to say in the same interview he and his organizations had an “open agenda,” but Power the Future’s director, Daniel Turner, says it’s becoming hypocrisy.

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