According to a new report out of a CBS station in California, 1 in 4 seniors who break their hips die within a year.  The good news is that an airbag technology is being developed in the U.S. to help solve the problem, and it’s being tested out by a group of seniors in Carmichael, California.


It’s part of a pilot study working to design, develop and perfect technology to prevent hip fractures during falls and is all contained in a belt.  Imagine an airbag for the hips.

It’s called Active Protection and is a wearable smart belt that deploys airbags when a fall is detected.

“The bags deployed so fast, and they come out, and they really surround your hip. they’re not just on the side,” said Karen Robison, a person who tested the devise.

While there still are some kinks to work out, the wearable airbag is a life-saving step toward preventing injuries that could be life-changing.

The Active Protection belt is said to lessen the impact of a fall by 90 percent. There’s no official date for when it will hit the market, but the hope is to have it available sometime this year.

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