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The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is attacking President Donald Trump, blaming him for “fear-mongering” that is causing illegal alien women to cancel their abortions.

A recent report by Buzzfeed News detailed how illegal alien women across the southwest are canceling or skipping out on their abortion procedures for fear of being deported from the U.S.

The article goes on to state the following:

Buzzfeed reporters spoke to executives at four abortion clinics, writing that obtaining an abortion for an illegal alien woman is “even more frightening and challenging when you have to cross state lines knowing ICE officers are being stationed on streets and highways.”

In response, the Hispanic Caucus posted online their outrage that the threat of deportation is causing illegal alien women to cancel their abortions.

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  1. And who was going to pay for the abortion anyway…..oh ya the us taxpayers…too freicking bad, go the hell back home

  2. Too Funny! Sad that a Hispanic group, most likely coached by the Trump hating Dem’s, can hang out in the gutter with such outlandish garbage statements…Pathetic!

    Trump will take 45 States toward a landslide victory!

  3. Give us a FREAKING break; Next the president is going to be accused as the cause of “MALE DYSFUNCTION” which would, incidentally cure the problem of needing abortions. This is getting out of hand; “Women afraid to venture out to have a “abortion” for fear of being “deported?” Well, they should NOT be here in the first place and WE should not have to be paying for their abortions or for their passels of brats that they bring in tow with them. My feeling is and has been to just DEPORT every freaking one of them and let them sort themselves out on the other side; The USA is NOT a reservoir and we are tried of the constant trash and the constant trashing of the US because we dare to believe that we have a Sovereign with Immigration Laws and borders that “SHOULD NOT BE VIOLATED.” The garbage and the accusations as to what this president is making these law breakers suffer are getting more and more ridiculous by the day and unless the LEGAL, CONSERVATIVE, NON “HISPANIC CAUCUS” get involved and try to curb this bullshit we will always be en snarled in this crap. I will REPEAT that the “Hispanic and Black Caucuses” should be DISMANTLED; WHY are there Hispanic and Black Caucuses but NO WHITE CAUCUS? That is BULLSHIT. What if there was a WHITE CAUCUS and no Hispanic or Black Caucus? What happened to the days when America could enforce its laws without being accused of “bias, discrimination, blah, blah.” They are like a gaggle of scrabbling hyenas

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